Monday, December 14, 2009

DIY: Costume Jewerly

I mentioned earlier how much I love costume jewelry, particularly necklaces. Statement necklaces are the best way to upgrade any outfit. When I wear my self-made or purchased necklaces, cuffs and rings – they are the first thing people notice and comment on. On today’s high street there is a lot of costume jewelry, but there is a reason why a Marni handcrafted bib necklace will always look better than the one from Primark - it's all in the detail. Regardless, I got sick of being ripped off on designer costume jewelry, and recently started making my own.

To start you'll need bead thread (you can buy this in any bead shop for approximately 3 euro for 28 yards); unwanted fake pearl strings; minimum 2 meters of ribbon (you can recycle your old ribbons from box packaging); buttons; rosettes and lots and lots of beads and chains taken off cheap high street necklaces (I love Primark for that ;).

Exhibit 1: Flower Bib Necklace

The base is from a Primark necklace which retailed at 5 Euro. I sewed on some striped buttons and two pink rosettes I took off my house shoes. I decorated these rosettes with beads from old Primark necklaces which I took apart. The center chain is a H&M necklace I found on the sale rack for 2 version of Bib Primavera!

Exhibit 2: Pearl Ribbon

For this one I needed 2 metres of grey ribbon, 1/3 of a long fake pearl necklace (24 pearls), and some bead thread. I pulled each bead through a string and pulled the ribbon tight at the very end. I saw a very similar necklace - 'Day', by Birger et Mikkelsen- retail for 95 euro the other day.

Exhibit 3: Navaho Bib Necklace

When traveling though Nevada last year I picked up these 3 big white-turquoise stones from a Navajo Indian store. Similarly to the first necklace, I used the base from a Primark bib necklace and sewed these 3 stones in the center. It's a little avant-garde but I love it!
Exhibit 4: Chains of Turquoise

You can easily buy these turquoise beads in any bead shop. It's made of the lowest grade leftover turquoise so should not be expensive. I bought my 4 ready-made strings in a Moscow subway kiosk for 10 euro. I picked up this beautiful acrylic brooch in Brown Thomas Dublin (37 euro) and pinned on the strands to upgrade the look. So far, I wore this necklace with a blue maxi dress in the summer time, but you can also wear it with a black shift dress when going out.

Exhibit 5: Fake Diamante Necklace

This stone combination was taken off a Zara dress (winter 09 collection). It came off easily and did not leave any marks on the dress. I used a black ribbon to finish the look.

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