Monday, January 25, 2010

Best and Worst Dressed of the SAG Awards 2010

The Best Dressed
Marion Cotillard in Elie Saab
Marion Cotillard is a winner!
She took a risk by wearing a mini and it paid off.
Marion manages to look edgy and glamorous at the same time. Bravo!
Vera Farmiga in J Mendel
Vera looks angelic! What can I say - timelessly beautiful!
Nicole Kidman in Oscar de la Renta
Nicole is our comeback kid: after last week's
fashion faux pas at the Golden Globes she's redeemed herself!This slighly Bohemian look really suits her.
The Worst Dressed

Meryl Streep in Balenciaga
Meryl Streep woke up on the day and said to herself:
I need to get on a worst dressed list - like Presto.
Well you succeeded Meryl.
If this was not the intention -
I would start by firing your stylist.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in D&G
Morticia from The Adams Family called - she wants her outfit back. (Not your best moment - Stefano and Domenico!)
Diane Kruger in Jason Wu
This just shows how celebrities can never rest on their laurels. Just last week Ms Kruger was among the best dressed at the Golden Globes. This week she is wearing a dress of a very questionable color. Nice cut though...


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  1. I agree, love the dress but the colour takes away from it. Loving your blog!