Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The DOs and DON'Ts of Harem Pants

OK - I think we are all in agreement that Balmain made us lust after a pair of harem pants like never before! I admit that when harem pants made their comeback in 2008, I was not impressed. Some things should never be brought back ... or so I thought. It was not until mum – my style inspiration - requested a pair, that I gave this wacky trend a second chance. I even bought Topshop harem pants but never had the courage to wear them in the daylight (or nightlight for that matter). I'm still convinced that you can either look absolutely fantastic or terribly hideous in harem pants - there is no in between.

Below are some examples of Do's and Don't with Harem Pants:
The Trendsetter: Balmain RTW FW 2009
The Poster Child: Gwen Stefani

Domino Effect


Too many toos: too Costumy, t00 Bulky & too Boxy

Repeat Offenders: Ciara and Sienna

Don't even go there...

and the final verdict is:
- If styled right, harem pants can look fabulous as both day and evening wear.
- Less is more: keep the top half sleek – tank top with biker jacket does the trick.
- Try color blocking and avoid patterns.
- Unless you're the world’s tallest woman, wear harem pants with platforms and heels.
- Avoid a very low crotch and ditch the bulky shapes.
- Lastly - look in the mirror before you leave the house!

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