Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Is Tavi the next Anna Piaggi?

Once upon a time there lived a little girl in a windy city in a far away land. This girl was a lonely odd creature and spent a lot of time thinking about self expression through clothes. One day she decided to tell the world about her love of dressing up...She started a blog and within two years grew into a muse for some of the world's biggest Designers. She was invited to shows, inspired collections and amused the whimisical fashion world. This little girl grew up and got a job writing for the best fashion magazines and continued to amuse the world with her kooky outfits....until one day she morphed into Anna Piaggi...

The above is a mini bio of Tavi Gevinson - a 13 year old blogeuse du jour from Chicago. The part about her working for the biggest fashion mags and morphing into Anna Piaggi is my prediction of what's to become of this fashion prodigy. And here are the reasons why I firmly believe Tavi is bound to be the next Anna Piagi of this world:

- Tavi's love of ridiculous hats:
Both ladies are constantly pictured wearing crazy hats and both love milliner Stephen Jones. Come to think of it Anna & Stephen happen to look alike - let's hope this won't happen to Tavi.

- Tavi's eclectic and OTT fashion sense :
Despite a 60 something year gap between the two, Anna and Tavi are proponents of so called granny chic. Its relayed through lots of color, fabrics, and prints all mixed in together in loony combinations.

- Tavi's passion for fashion journalism:
Anna Piaggi has worked as fashion journalist and editor at Italian Vogue and Vanity; Tavi with her instrospective & thoughful blog posts is bound to end up working for the US editions.

- Tavi's exhibitionist nature:
let's face it - you gotta have a flair for exhibitionism and love to be the center of attention if your fashion sense is anywhere near these two....

This world would be one dull and boring place if not for the eccentric and the over-the-top likes of Anna and Tavi. Let's hope my prediction comes true and Tavi does become the new Mrs Piaggi... or even better - completely outgrows her!

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