Sunday, March 28, 2010

Coffee Shop Extravaganza by Luke Barker

I recently read an interesting article in Elle UK April edition. It was by Luke Barker – a finalist in the Elle writing competition - who works in a coffee shop and shares his observations of female customers. As I read it, I laughed so hard, I woke all the nearby passengers on the plane! Luke was spot on with his portrait of 20-something wannabes who always have one designer item of clothing; 30-something confident & polite career women and crazy artsy types who commit crimes against fashion by “wearing every colour of the rainbow in one outfit”.
I also love watching people and their outfit choices. Style is the most noticeable and often the most impactful form of self expression. You can tell a lot by the way a person dresses and their grooming habits. My friend once said she would only hire a financial advisor with an impeccable appearance: “If she is so nonchalant with her looks, how can I trust her with my money?” I may not have agreed with her then, but I do now. Appearance and personal style are important! And it doesn’t matter if you were born tall or short, not the best looking or beautiful. With a little bit of effort - we can all look our very best!


  1. I read this article yesterday at the salon while getting my hair done. It was hysterical! I completely agree with looking your best.

  2. It was really entertaining :) spot on!