Monday, March 15, 2010

The Best 10 Fashion Moments of Reality TV

1. Olivia Palermo's style in The City
When I think The City, I think Olivia Palermo! When I watched this show, I rarely listened to conversations and mostly admired Olivia's outfits. Frankly, I even forgave Olivia for that backstabbing incident, when she claimed credit for the outfit on the magazine cover. Like it or not, Olivia proves that beauty and style go a long way...
2. Talita getting a job with Marie Claire in Running in Heels

If you have not yet seen Running in Heels - a reality tv show about three interns fighting their way to get a permanet job at Marie Claire - you've so got to! Especially if you want to work in the fashion magazine world. You actually might want to rethink your apsirations after watching this show. There was plenty of drama, backstabbing, OTT competitiveness - which made it one big estrogen-filled freakfest. But as with every cloud there is a silver lining - there was lots of fabulous fashion and a small glimpse of how the magazine operates (I fell in love with editor-in-chief Joanna Coles). To top it all off, I was very pleased to see the underdog Talita get the job with Marie Claire's LA office. I was even more delighed to see the know-it-all Ashley go home empty handed. This girl has earned a BA in Backstabbing Strategy and gave me a nervous twitch each time she appeared on the screen! Go Talita!

3. Daniella Kallmeyer receiving the Judges Choice award in The Fashion Show

In the recent past, there were a number of shows which tried to compete with Project Runway: The Fashion Show and Project Catwalk among others. The sole reason I even remember The Fashion Show is because of Daniella Kallmeyer - the second runner up. Anna McCraney ended up winning the public vote. Thankfully, Daniella got recognition from the judges and recieved their vote. I remember getting goosebumps when Daniella's final collection was shown: it was very ahead of its time and very contemporary at the same time. Daniella brought futuristic shoulder pads back before Balmain even dreamt of them. Her mixing of different textures and handmade accessories was simply genious! I can't wait to hear more of this South African prodigy!

4. William Lazootin's finale show in Project Runway Australia season 2

For those of you who love Project Runway - I highy recommend watching Project Runway Australia. There were some really intersting characters on the show and by far the most memorable of them was William Lazootin. Much like during Daniella's final collection, my heart skipped a beat when I watched William's finale! As the designer himself said, he paid homage to South America: from oversized catholic cross jewellery to the rich color palette - the collection was a masterpiece. It's a pity he didn't win!

5. Kenley Collins' creations throughout season 5 of Project Runway

So Kenley Collins might have been depicted as the underdog and the wild child of season 5 of Project Runway - to me she was among the most memorable designers on the show to date. Aside from being a loudmouth, she stood out for her fantastic personal style and mind blowing designs throughout the show. My all time favorite was her avant-garde dress, which was christened as a Giambattista Valli knockoff by the judges. Give it up Michael Kors - even Picasso said "bad artists copy, great artists steal". I predict you'll be seeing much more of this girl!

6. Nina Garcia's style and Tim Gunn's fashion advice in Project Runway

Tim Gunn & Nina Garcia are the two great personalities of Project Runway: from Tim's always sound fashion advice, to Nina's beautiful outfits - it was always a pleasure to watch them! When you're feeling down, just think of Tim's motto "Make it work!" And if that doesn't help, think of Macy's accessories wall...mmmmm

7. Brix vs Gok Wan in Gok's Fashion Fix

Ok so I have mixed feelings about Gok Wan's fashion sense, but I'm pretty damn fascinated with his on-screen opponent: fashion buyer Brix Smith-Start. I secretly rejoiced each time she won in the Designer vs High Street fashion-off with Gok. Let's be honest - her outfits were always stunning and so much more appealing than Gok's High Street picks.

8. Lauren Conrad and her collection of Chanel 2.55 in the Hills

As with The City, I watched The Hills solely for the fashion. Lauren and Whitney were my favorite clothes horses! But I particularly loved Lauren's Chanel bag collection. If you do a Google image search of Lauren, the first 5 pics will be of her sporting a Chanel 2.55 in every color, size and shape. That's what I call a diversified portfolio!

9. Allison Harvard getting to second place in America's Next Top Model season 12

I was gutted to see Allison Harvard not win America's Next Top Model! This was the first time I watched the show religiously, secretly hoping Allison would win. There was something so honest and innocent about this girl, you wanted her to succeed so bad. I predict a big future for Allison and hope to see her on the cover of Vogue some time very soon!

10. Sean Yazbeck winning the design challenge in The Apprentice season 5

I enjoy the Apprentice nearly as much as I do Project Runway. My all time favorite episode was in season 5 when The Embassy Suites Hotel hired the contestants to design uniforms for their employees. The two-man team led by the self confessed metrosexual Brit Sean Yazbeck (who eventually became the Apprentice) defeated the all-female team. I mean, I have never seen contestants on the Project Runway pick their fabric with so much passion and gusto as did Sean! The man was in his element!

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