Thursday, April 29, 2010

Underwear as Outerwear

Evil Twin studded top, Full Circle corset, Asos corset, Oasis lace corset: all at

when the underwear as outerwear trend hit the runways in 2009 I was a little sceptical, but now I really want one of those bustier/corset tops! These are some of the best I found so far. My two favorites are Rosa Cha stripe bodysuit and Full Circle corset top.

Oddity of the Day: Gaga's Birkin

Out of all the shocking outfits Gaga has worn in the past, this is by far the most shocking! I mean seriously! We know you make millions, but please don't rub it in you so loaded you can write all over your Birkin! Shock factor = 100%; Publicity points =100; Cool appeal = 0%. My heart bleeds seeing this beautiful bag defaced with marker like that...Word of advice - don't try this at home.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Best Kept Secret: Sportmax Costume Jewelry

One of my most beloved fashion jewelry pieces is this grey leather flower necklace by Sportmax (Max Mara's little sister). I bought it in Venice last year and have been wearing all year round. I see that Matches is stocking Sportmax range! Joy! I would definitely go for the black leather strap flower necklace - it's a knockout piece!

Optical Illusion by Rosalind Keep for Oasis!

I decided - gotta get myself one of those underwear-as-outerwear-effect dresses! I'm not the daring type, so this Rosalind Keep dress for Oasis (not in stores yet) is a perfect solution! Will be channelling a bit of Olivia in Preen look )P

Monday, April 26, 2010

May Wishlist or What to Wear during the Summer wedding season?

Karen Millen Cardi: £110
Mischa Barton Clutch: £35
L.A.M.B. Sandals: $249

I'm not a big fan of girly girly outfits, but I fell in love with this Oasis print dress! So to toughen the look I'd go for grey asymmetric cardi, which looks gorgeous unzipped and these fab L.A.M.B. platform sandals. You're guaranteed NOT to blend in and to avoid the BLAH factor, which is far too common in summer weddings.

Designer/High Street Collaboration of the Month: Fenton/Fallon for J.Crew

when I saw these gorgeous necklaces by Fenton/Fallon for J.Crew I gasped! Picture a cross between Dannijo and Assad Mounser but for 1/4 of the price! Prices start at $115. Score!!!!

Celebrity Style Crush: Diane Kruger Pretty in Pink

Pink Pastels

Hot Pink Frocks

Diane Kruger rarely gets it wrong with her outfit choices, but she always nails it when she opts for pink. I love every single one of the above frocks, especially sequin Lanvin hot pink mini dress and nude pink Herve Leger...Uber hot hot hot hot!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Style Hit or Miss: Balenciaga S/S 2010 shoes

MISS: ohhhhh no you didn't SALMA! Although the dress is gorgeous, Balenciaga boots are sucha MISS! I'm Salma's height and I would never even dream of wearing boots which shorten my leg by 10 inches! To top it off, these open-toe booties are just hideous...
HIT: Jessica Alba is sporting head-to-toe Balenciaga and looks hot! I'm not a big fan of Balenciaga insect-resembling footwear, but I much prefer these platform sandals. Jessica is totally pulling it off!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Russian Connection or channelling Urban Matreshka

In the past seasons Designers paid homage to Russian folklore: while Gucci put forward hip bohemian collection in Fall 2009, John Galliano created breathtaking fairy-tale like gowns. I'm all inspired, but I’m not really prepared to leave the house in head-to-toe folkloric gear, unless its Halloween or United Nations day or something. So instead, I wear my blue paisley scarf I snagged in Moscow flea market. High Street has a good selection of Russian-inspired or eastern paisley print scarves, which create the same effect!


Oddity of the Day: Amanda Seyfried's Dress Reversal

Amanda Seyfried decided to show some inventiveness by wearing this beautiful dress by Bodyamr back-to-front. The end result: one big oddity! Word of advice: next time you bursting with creativity play with play-doh or paint something, just but don't reverse your dress...that's a no no.

Look of the Day: Christy Turlington

Christy looks uber elegant in this slightly avant-garde pantsuit. Everything down to the satin sash is perfect!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Want I Want I Want! Deepa Gurnani headband

This beautiful headband retails for £60 at I absolutely love it!

My April Wishlist

My April Wishlist is 100% High Street. After my most recent Mulberry Alexa purchase I am not even thinking about Designer clothes! But as you can see, High Street clothes can be and are very chic. I'm stoked to see Erickson Beamon collaborate with Urban Outfitters and love the whole range!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Why we can't get enough of Sex and the City?

Inspired by Sex and the City Movie 2 trailer, I dug out my DVD collection and watched my all time favourite season six. I was thinking what is it about SATC that made millions of women around the world fall in love with it? There is no one answer, but perhaps the most obvious is that the show has a soul. You can’t help but connect with each character. It’s intelligent, hilarious and most importantly the show allowed each woman to grow throughout the series. We see Miranda learn to let go and open up to the love of her life; we root for the hopeless romantics Carrie & Charlotte who stay true to their ideals and through persistence get where they want to be in their lives; and then there is Samantha - the epitome of female confidence who underneath all the bravado wants to be loved. I often hear accusations that the show portrayed the worst female stereotypes. I disagree: there is nothing stereotypical about the women in SATC. No one is perfect and one-dimensional. SATC got many women (and men) out of a rut and inspired many more. The book and the show is female outlook on life in the big City…with all its trials and tribulations.

Hot New Designer: Nina Divito

Nina Divito is up and coming Irish shoe designer! When my friend Claire told me to check out her shoe range online, my jaw dropped (Literally)! These are not shoes but work of art! In fact -Nina is also a painter and I would so love to own one of her shoe sketches. Nina is originally from Dublin and graduated from prestigious Corwainers College in London. Oh and it gets better: Brown Thomas Dublin stocks Nina Divito's shoes. Prices range from €355 to €750. These shoes are worth every penny ;)....I know what's going on my Summer wishlist.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

New SATC Trailer!

Is it just me, but I'm secretly hoping Carrie ends up with Aiden ...CONTROVERSIAL!

The New LBD

Oasis £60; Stella McCartney £358; Kova & T £140; Opening Ceremony £155

LBD can never be boring - but there is always a way to spice it up and add a little twist. Above are examples of when celebrities chose the new LBD: LBD with a twist: while Helena Kristensen is sporting this beauitiful draped dress, Mila Kunis opted for peekaboo lbd. My fav is Miley Cyrus in one-shoulder leather lbd!

Style Hit or Miss: Geometric Print Dress

MISS: I sooo not like this dress: too much pink, too long, horrible black belt, and unappealing print. Claire Danes hit a major Miss with this ensemble.
HIT: I have a major style crush on Camilla Belle. Her outfits are always well balanced and well thought out. I love this grey on white subtle print on Jason Wu dress. I particularly love Camilla's accessories: fab shoes and very elegant clutch - which helps balance out the electric print. Bellisima!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Anna Wintour's fashion faux pas (you heard it right!)

I know I'm being bold for slagging this High Priestess of High Fashion, but someone had to do it. Miss Wintour is a fantastic editor and a great business woman, but as a style inspiration hem... no thank you! Over the years Anna developed her signature style: bob haircut,bold print shifts, fur and a little bit of sparkle with costume jewerly. Sometimes however, Anna goes off on the tangent and turns up in these kuku-looking outfits. Here are some recent examples:
Seriously what's the story here: suede boots with silk coat...anybody could tell you its a fashion no no. Oh wait -she didn't do the suede boot/silk dress combo once but twice!
(try to ignore Ginnifer Goodwyn's fugly outfit - that's a blog post in itself).

Hmmmmmmm I'm not sure why Anna decided to throw on this hideous long cardi...very mumsy and so not In Vogue.
When I saw photos of Anna in this Prada dress, I felt a bit nauseous...If you stare at it long enough, I guarantee u'll get a migraine.

The texture of this coat and scarf, the color choices - all age Miss Wintour by at least 20 years.

So what's the morale of the story: if even miss Vogue herself can afford to take major style risk and commit fashion faux pas - we can all relax and experiment all we want :0

Monday, April 12, 2010

Look of the day: Emmy Rossum in La Perla

OMG! this dress is perfection! Who else if not La Perla to design this perfect lingerie dress! To top it off, Emmy chose my fav costume jewelry designer: Rachel Leigh Top marks for this gorgeous outfit.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Field day at Bicester Village!

Thanks to my good friend Line I didn't go all crazey at Bicester village and paced myself )P! I only got two items for myself: this absolutely amazing Marni necklace and gorgeous Celine clog sandals from Spring/Summer 2010 line! oh and I picked up this beautiful summer D&G bag- as a bday gift for my mum- she shall be very happy ;). I initially wanted to buy Marni acrylic bib necklace, but in real life they looked a bit grotesque. The designer boutique was a letdown: I was looking forward to snagging a piece of Erdem - but no luck. All in all I'm very happy: as someone I know often says "I didn't spend money - I saved money" )P

Friday, April 9, 2010

Joy of Joys: we get to see Olivia's outfits for the whole month of April!

I don't know if Vogue listened to my suggestion, but to me displaying Olivia's daily outfits is no brainer! She's the ultimate fashionista and creates knock-out looks from High Street and Designer wear alike. Now we all get a daily style slice of Olivia on Joy!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Look of the Day: Posh in Harem Pants!

Posh in Harem pants - can you believe it? I Love love love this outfit! Mrs Beckham has put her own spin on Utility look! This woman is undergoing major style metamorphosis!

Oddity of the Day: Cheryl Cole's Outfit

I'm no fan of Cheryl Cole's style. The girl could do with some styling advice. She reminds of Posh 10 years ago - all about labels and matchy matchy outfits. But this rope tank top, red jeans and Christian dior bag is plain WRONG! It's an oddity all right...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I WANT I WANT I WANT: Nina Ricci Jackie O Sunglasses on Sale!

You can never have too many shoes and sunglasses! I love this classic shape by Nina Ricci - originally worn by Jackie Kennedy. These sunglasses are 65% off at

Monday, April 5, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Gaby Basora for Tucker

Tucker Spring/Summer 2010
Gaby Basora started her own label Tucker in 2006. Since then her signature gorgeous print blouses have been embraced by many of Hollywood's discerning fashionistas. I particularly love Gaby's exotic flower print blouses. What I love even more is the price tag: I'm prepared to spend £227 on a timeless chiffon top which will make a bold statement. Oh and it get's better - Tucker is collaborating with Target sometime this summer! More detail to come :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Oddity of the Day: Katherine Heigl in Lace Boots

Waist down Katherine's outfit is a bit tacky. These may be Christian Louboutin boots, but it's the first pair of red soles I wouldn't want to own. Oh and what's up with hollywood celebrities going for that raven brunette look? First Nicole Ritchie, now Katherine. The way I see it - if you look great as a blonde-why change?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Look of the Day: Posh in her own label

Last week Mrs Beckham was launching her collection in the big M - my native city of Moscow :). Posh was looking stunning in this shirtdress (her own label)! I think she finally understood that less is more and is looking very classy these days. She's also no fool to branch out to Russia and is guaranteed to build up high end clientele. Bonne Chance or as we say in Russia - ni pucha ni pera!