Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Anna Wintour's fashion faux pas (you heard it right!)

I know I'm being bold for slagging this High Priestess of High Fashion, but someone had to do it. Miss Wintour is a fantastic editor and a great business woman, but as a style inspiration hem... no thank you! Over the years Anna developed her signature style: bob haircut,bold print shifts, fur and a little bit of sparkle with costume jewerly. Sometimes however, Anna goes off on the tangent and turns up in these kuku-looking outfits. Here are some recent examples:
Seriously what's the story here: suede boots with silk coat...anybody could tell you its a fashion no no. Oh wait -she didn't do the suede boot/silk dress combo once but twice!
(try to ignore Ginnifer Goodwyn's fugly outfit - that's a blog post in itself).

Hmmmmmmm I'm not sure why Anna decided to throw on this hideous long cardi...very mumsy and so not In Vogue.
When I saw photos of Anna in this Prada dress, I felt a bit nauseous...If you stare at it long enough, I guarantee u'll get a migraine.

The texture of this coat and scarf, the color choices - all age Miss Wintour by at least 20 years.

So what's the morale of the story: if even miss Vogue herself can afford to take major style risk and commit fashion faux pas - we can all relax and experiment all we want :0

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