Monday, April 19, 2010

Why we can't get enough of Sex and the City?

Inspired by Sex and the City Movie 2 trailer, I dug out my DVD collection and watched my all time favourite season six. I was thinking what is it about SATC that made millions of women around the world fall in love with it? There is no one answer, but perhaps the most obvious is that the show has a soul. You can’t help but connect with each character. It’s intelligent, hilarious and most importantly the show allowed each woman to grow throughout the series. We see Miranda learn to let go and open up to the love of her life; we root for the hopeless romantics Carrie & Charlotte who stay true to their ideals and through persistence get where they want to be in their lives; and then there is Samantha - the epitome of female confidence who underneath all the bravado wants to be loved. I often hear accusations that the show portrayed the worst female stereotypes. I disagree: there is nothing stereotypical about the women in SATC. No one is perfect and one-dimensional. SATC got many women (and men) out of a rut and inspired many more. The book and the show is female outlook on life in the big City…with all its trials and tribulations.

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