Monday, May 10, 2010

Case in Point: best of men's shoe brands

Sutor Mantellassi
I'm not sure if many men read my blog, but hoping that maybe their female friends will take note of the hottest men's shoe brands out there! I'm no connoisseur of men's fashion, but I do appreciate beautifully crafted shoes. Unfortunately on the streets of most cities (including Dublin) men's choice of footwear leaves a lot to be desired....Just picture those square-toe heavy atrocities...yep..those.... So with my blog post I'm hoping to make this world a better place by eliminating one pair of hideous shoes at a time. My step dad was my to-go-to person for getting tips on men's footwear. He mentioned two brands among his favorites: Tanino Crisci and Sutor Mantellassi - both Italian shoe makers. Among American brands he goes for Cole Haan where you can find horse leather footwear. I realize that not everyone can spend £600 on Taninos, so instead I browsed the web for more affordable versions. In my view Kurt Geiger and Loake have the best selection. Oh and please forget the Church's- according to my step dad they are super heavy and rarely comfortable. So next time your man/friend/brother argues that splurging on a pair of shoes is a waste of time and money, tell him that shoes is among the first things women look at )P

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