Monday, May 31, 2010

Do our material possessions really matter?

Reading Ellememoir in Elle UK June edition got me thinking: Do stuff and our possessions really matter? Some people might say no and that all material objects are worthless. Much like the author of Ellememoir I'm of different opinion. Gifts we get from those we love, things we buy, and all the stuff we accumulate over the years - does matter. I treasure the ring my grandmother gave me and think of her every time I wear it. I'm very proud of my ridiculously expensive pair of Prada boots I bought with my first big pay check. I'm smitten with my gorgeous espresso set mum got for me: each time I use it I think of her lessons in good table manners and each time I smile. It's all stuff but to me stuff anchors moments in time and helps remember. Life is not only about big joyous events, which are very rare. Often happiness is comprised of little things like a good luck card from a friend in difficult times and 5 inch Louboutins which make me look and feel a million dollars.
To me life is about little joys and stuff we surround ourselves with, matters greatly.


  1. I agree with you - these things are more than the actual bag, pair of shoes or fancy expresso set. It's about the images they bring to our minds and the feelings they awaken. These are priceless!