Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sex and the city 2: hiccup wrapped in haute couture

I finally saw this long-awaited movie. To say the least I was bored. I don't even know where to begin: I'll start by saying that I was disappointed with the first movie. Back then I felt it was a pathetic attempt to ride on the show’s popularity. Mind you - pathetic in my eyes. I'm sure the producers were mighty happy. SATC 2 was a dragged out version of the first. It was not nearly as witty and as the first one, lacking in creative and with way too much emphasis on Patricia Field’s psychedelic aesthetic. Among the highlights: Miranda (most grounded and stylish of all), Carrie’s Halston creations, Aiden (hot hot hot) and Charlotte’s drunken “no-no-no-no”.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that now is the time to stop and remember the show for what it was. There is a reason why we never found out what could have - would have happened with Romeo and Juliet. For all the hopeless romantics out there, let's just pretend that Carrie and Big have lived happily ever after. No need to walk us through all the minor hiccups in their relationship. I bet you the third movie will be yet another hiccup wrapped in haute couture. And what's worse, as a loyal fan and avid consumer, I’ll be the first in line to see it ;)

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