Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oddity of the Year: Kristen Steward's red carpet blah marathon

somebody explain to me what is a beautiful girl like Kristen Steward doing wearing these hideous Red Carpet creations? Seriously - it's time to look for a new stylist! I picked the worst of the worst below...

wait...I got a little distracted here - It's probably a good move to have Robert Pattinson as your arm candy - takes our eyes away from this tackytastic LBD.

This color is doing nothing for you dear Kristen - nor do the frills...

I've already slagged this Proenza Schouler outfit once before, no need to say more.

All the goths are loving you girl! I'm falling asleep...(and believe or not I'm a big Twilight fan)

Oh boy - what are we looking at here? Don't know where to begin, but let's end at: tweed +lace+metallic stripes = disaster
love the top - hate the bottom! Yet again - please stay away from mustard yellow - not your color darling!

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