Saturday, August 21, 2010

Economize vs Fantasize: Chanel vs Toy Watch

Fantasize (or start saving now!): Chanel (ladies white -$3844; ladies black -$3855)

Earlier today I spotted this stunning Chanel watch on French Connection Sales Assistant was love at first sight - with the watch that is...These ladies and mens watches are the hottest Chanel accessory after 2.55! As they are tad expensive...I found a fabulous alternative - Toy Watch. I've been pining over mens Toy Watch for some time, and would definitely go for the black one.

Final Verdict: Chanel! According to French Connection Sales Assistant - Chanel watch is his smartest purchase ever made :). I 100% concur )P.


  1. long live the 2.55! Toywatch is HAWT though- I have 3!

  2. I have wanted a Chanel Ceremic watch for ages. French Connection obviously pay well!

  3. hehe..he said he was saving for 3 years ;)
    Ozzy - don't tell me you have white, black and pink! so jealous yet again!

  4. Oh dear, I now want one too...