Monday, August 2, 2010

Key Fall/Winter trends 2010

So the Irish summer is officially over and summer sales are winding down…

On a positive note, stores are now stocking fall/winter collections and I personally won't have to look at another bikini/swimsuit magazine special.

Now is also a good time to digest key seasonal trends. I've done my thorough audit of all RTW fall/winter collections on and picked the key trends. Overall observation: fall and winter collections are all about classic and practical silhouette. We may be coming out of the recession, but according to my financial guru friend, we are about to enter the double dip - which in layman terms is a second wave of crappy times. Designers are no economists, but they do know their customer and have definitely played it safe this fall/winter season.

So, here are some key trends permeating through Milan, Paris, London and New York fashion weeks:

Classic Black Coat

Little Black Suits

Leather as second skin

LBDs with a twist

Wide leg pants

Slouchy pants

Splash of Orange

Leopard pattern

Faux fur accessories

I'm all set for this season: will be sporting my classic black Max Mara coat, leapard print scarf from Zara, and recycling all kinds of wide leg pants I've accumulated over the years. Another brilliant trick is to add a splash of orange and get one of those faux fur or sheepskin handbags (New Look & Marks & Spencer have a good selection this season).


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