Monday, August 2, 2010

Movie Review: Coco and Igor

Anna Mouglasis in Coco and Igor

Audrey Tatou in Coco Avant Chanel

Over the weekend I watched Coco and Igor - love story of Coco Chanel and Russian composer Igor Stravinsky. The movie was so so. The highlight was the opening scene - performance by Ballet Russe gave me goose bumps and Coco's (played by Anna Mouglalis) stunning outfits.

If I was to compare this movie to last year's Coco Avant Chanel, I would say they both lacked the excitement, which was somewhat compensated by beautiful imagery. I may be a tough critic, but Anna Mouglasis was a bit stiff and put way too much emphasis on portraying Coco as this surreal/iron woman. It would be no harm to show Chanel as a complex individual and adding a bit more color to the character.

While Coco Avant Chanel was all about Coco's upbringing and the early vulnerable years, Coco and Igor concentrated on successful and independent Chanel.

Final Verdict: watch it if you bored and sitting on the long-haul flight :)


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