Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Top 10 Designer Clutch Bags

once you found your fab daily bag or two or more, no wardrobe can be complete without a fab evening bag (or so I tell myself). I picked the most gorgeous and investment-worthy clutch bags out there. Similarly to my top 1o investment bags, the bags below will never go out of style and are bound to add an extra spark to any evening outfit. Not all prices are exact but will give you an idea of what each bags retails for. I listed these in order of glam appeal - 1 being the most glamorous of course :).

1) Alexander McQueen: £ 850 and up

2) Balenciaga: £645
3) Mulberry Alexa clutch (haircalf): £995
4) Mulberry Bayswater clutch: £550
5) Mulberry Ava clutch: £395

6) Bottega Veneta: £745
7) YSL: $425
8) D&G: £410

9) Lulu Guinness: £225
10) Angel Jackson: £159


  1. I would like to own the last Angel Jackson .

    1. TJ Maxx in the UK often has this clutch in stock :).