Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Purchase of the Month or my new favorite UGG!

You would be surprised at the amount of anti-UGG comments I hear from diehard fashionistas (who think UGGs are just plain ugly) and health fanatics (who claim that UGGs are bad for your posture).....To fashionistas I say: if the stars of Gossip Girl own every UGG model imaginable...so can we. I'll worry about ten other unhealthy habits of mine, before I think of UGGs affecting my posture..whatever.

I bought my first pair of UGGs two years ago and never looked back. They are probably the second most practical and comfortable fashion invention since the chain bag. In winter I practically live in my UGGs!

As I completely wrecked my classic short black boots and my long pink ones don’t really go well with many outfits - I snagged a new pair yesterday: black Bailey Buttons. Although black is super practical and will go with everything, deep purple boots were just as nice . Can't wait to wear this newest purchase with my shearling jacket )P.


  1. Totally agree with you, nothing beats them and i always think if they are good enough for SJP....