Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My big fat Stateside shopping escapade...

in between shopping I made sure I kept myself well fed )P!
(with the world's smallest burger that is)

To me the best sightseeing is shopping...and not because of some hedonistic pleasure (at least that's what I tell myself). Shopping is like a sociological experiment. I observe what women of different cultures buy, how they dress, and how sales assistants interact with their customers. My favorite shopping is in the US, and not because of the weak dollar and the great selection of brands. European High Street offers far better variety as is definitely more edgy. What I love about shopping Stateside is American customer service! Wherever you go: local Gap or Saks Fifth Avenue, sales assistants are super friendly, engaging and I end up chatting with each one of them for quarter of an hour. I remember being stunned when a sales girl in Anthropologie asked me for my name and wrote it on the chalk board near my fitting room. It's a small touch but really disarms the customer. Being chatty with sales reps is also the reason I end up spending like there is no tomorrow...
More importantly, I love shopping Stateside coz the sales bonanza is all year round! Compare it to Dublin, London, or Paris where you have to wait for seasonal sales and pray to get your size if you are a day late (I'm not bitter at all...).

So on my recent work trip to San Francisco I devoted my Saturday and Sunday to shopping in the city center, as well as checked out few boutiques in the Marina. My hot new discoveries would have be the two labels: Club Monaco and Free People. I picked up a gorgeous LBD and black wool cardi from Club Monaco, and a Chanelesque tweed jacket from Free People at Nordstrom. From an uber chatty sales guy, I learned that Club Monaco is a Canadian brand, recently acquired by Ralph Lauren. They have stores in Canada, US and all over Asia. None in the EU, which is a big disappointment.

Club Monaco Lookbook Fall/Winter 2010
My big splurge was on Alexis Bittar cocktail ring, which I circled over five times before finally decided on buying it. It's my first piece from Alexis Bittar and I'm in love with it! I also picked up super cheap and one of kind two-finger ring and knuckle ring in small boutiques in the Marina. I thought I was all set with shopping this year....until of course I saw Lanvin for H&M lookbook earlier today and my saving plan was blown out of the water....

Alexis Bittar gold plated Citrine stone ring

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