Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oddity of the Season: Victoria Beckham's handbags

'Victoria' Bag £ 2300

Victoria Beckham has recently unveiled her handbag line, and I'm not impressed. The design of her handbags is quite dated. What is even more of an oddity is her pricing strategy. The clutch bags start at £1800 and Victoria's hexagonal chain bag retails for £8950. Ummm - sorry to rain on your parade dear - but who is the target consumer? I get that all of Victoria's celebrity pals will queue in line to snag one of these arm candies, but no sane woman would spend £8950 on a Victoria Beckham handbag. I may sound harsh but why buy one-hit wonder when you can stock on two Birkins for the same price?


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  1. <3 VB's line of bags

    Get all of her clothes here