Saturday, November 20, 2010

Overview of

So Google has officially entered high fashion with its new e-commerce project! After spending hours on, I can say, it's one fabulous site! It acts as an aggregator of 1000 something merchants (Net-a-porter, Asos and Barneys among others) and at this moment offers a selection of over 500 000 products.

Here's my list of highlights and some minor letdowns! I'm pretty sure these letdowns are very temporary, as is only at Beta stage!

Why I love

-Site features celebrities, popular bloggers and designers boutiques, which are online shopping suggestions from the likes of Olivia Palermo, DVF and Mary-Kate Olsen.

-There's a community feel to the site: users can follow each other's boutiques, comment, and share their finds and likes via Twitter & email.

-Trend boutique covers every Fall 2010 trend imaginable!

-Functions like 'love' and 'hate', as well as ability to create your own boutique allow for very personalized suggestions for clothing and accessories.

-Users can start their own boutique after taking style image test and completing style preferences questionnaire. From this point onward you will get suggestions based on your style. You can add your favorites and follow boutiques of other users. I took the test 3 times and each time it recognized my style as Edgy )p.

-When you find an item you like and hover over it, you get more suggestions for similar items in a wide price range. You also get suggestions on how to complete the look.

-You can filter Shoes, Bags, Clothing and Accessories sections by price range, sale items, colors, brand etc. This is probably the best filter I've seen on shopping sites, including and

Thumbs down:

-At least for now, aggregates clothing from US retailers only.

-Most suggestions of clothing are on a pricier side. You can find amazing High Street finds, but have to search for them.

-There is no jewelry and menswear (for now).

-There is an overwhelming number of clothing items, most of which are not all that appealing - you have to click on 'hate' far too many times to help fine-tune your preferences.

- It would be great to have a feature similar to the one on, whereby users can create their own looks.

Final Verdict: The site is very sticky! It incorporates celebrity style, online shopping and community. I'll let you know what I think of their personalization feature one month from now, after having tested 'hate' and 'love' enough number of times. Oh yes, is available as an iPad app, which is yet another reason to get an iPad ;)


Explore Celebrity, Blogger, & Trend boutiques.

Olivia Palermo's boutique

Rumi Neely of boutique

Shopping suggestions inspired by Ashley Olsen's style

Trend boutiques

Style Image Test

Style preferences questionnaire

My Lalaforfashion boutique

Sharing boutiques & finds you love on Twitter

Suggestions of visually similar items

Product filter

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