Monday, December 27, 2010

Tommy Ton's 2010 Best-Dressed list: Russian Fashionistas lead the way :)

Miroslava Duma (freelance fashion journalist)

Vika Gazinskaya (designer)

Anya Ziourova (stylist)

I was delighted to see Mira, Vika and Anya make Tommy Ton's of Jak & Jil best-dressed list. I'm a big fan of Mira's style, and very proud to see these three talented Russian women shake the fashion world from Paris to Moscow. Way to go ladies ;)!

Check out Tommy's full list here.



  1. Cute blog! I love that MIRA made the list. She has great style that i covet. I was not impressed with the men. Being in the industry I can't believe Guerre made the list. He's a complete LEECH

  2. thank you :) Have to say, wasn't impressed with men selection either.