Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Best Fashion Jewelry Labels according to Lala

I'm a huge fan of costume/fashion jewelry. When styled right, costume jewelry can take an outfit to a whole new level. You often see stylists, fashion buyers and mag editors sporting a simple classic silhouette with a statement necklace, cuff or cocktail ring. Picture Michelle Obama and her playful floral brooches - they made each outfit stand out and got major media coverage!

The trick with costume jewelry is that it should be over-the-top, even exaggerated. You can play it safe with a simple diamond pendant, but when it comes to fashion bling, you want all those extra chains, links, studs and large semi-precious stones!

My all-time favorite costume jewelry labels are all on a pricier side. I often either wait for sales, scout for designer collaborations (think Erickson Beamon for Target, Lanvin for H&M, Mawi for Asos), head to the High Street for imitations or make my own jewelry :).

The best fashion jewelry on the High Street would have to be from Topshop, Aldo, Banana Republic, Mango and Anthropologie, where you can always find interesting, cheap and cheerful items. Last year I came across this knockout multi-colored chain necklace at Topshop, which could easily complete with Dannijo and Tuleste Market chains. Anthropologie is great for multi-stone dramatic necklaces.

I selected the below designer costume jewelry labels for their statement factor (price range listed is very approximate - check out the suggested sites for exact pricing). Yes - you can always find an interesting piece on the High Street, but I doubt it could compete with exquisite detail of Lanvin's necklaces or creativity of Tom Binns' designs!

Michelle Obama's floral master class!

Nina Garcia - Fashion Director of US Marie Claire - never shies away from a statement necklace!

Tom Binns
Good for: multi-detailed intricate necklaces
Price range: appx £200 & up for earrings and bangles and £500 and up for necklaces

Good for: heavy duty link chains and art deco pieces
Price range: £200 & up for rings £400 and up for necklaces
Where to buy:,


Good for: colorful Swarovski crystal embellished necklaces
Price range: appx 600 euro and up for necklaces
Where to buy:

Gerard Yosca
Good for: cuffs, crystal chandelier earrings and floral necklaces
Price range: appx $150 and up for earrings and $300 for necklaces
Where to buy:

Good for: crystal embellished cuffs and necklaces
Price range: appx 100 euro for cuffs and 150 euro for necklaces
Where to buy:

Kara Ross
Good for: snake skin cuffs and semi-preciouis stone cocktail rings
Price range: appx $200 for rings and £300 and up for cuffs

Erickson Beamon
Good for: chandelier earrings
Price range: appx $350 and up for earrings

Eddie Borgo
Good for: edgy studded cuffs and chain necklaces
Price range: appx 300 euro and up for cuffs and necklaces
Where to buy:

Assad Mounser
Good for: multi-detailed metal and semi-precious stone necklaces
Price range: app 350 euro and up for necklaces
Where to buy:

Good for: floral acrylic brooches and necklaces
Price range: appx $440 and up for brooches and necklaces
Where to buy:

Good for: crystal embellished multi-chain necklaces
Price range: appx $200 for cuffs and $450 for necklaces
Where to buy:

Good for: big impact/ evening glamour necklaces
Price range: $1000 and up for necklaces


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  1. Who makes the turquoise and red necklace Nina Garcia is wearing? Where can I buy it?