Saturday, January 1, 2011

Top Fashion Developments of 2010

1. Death of Alexander McQueen
Alexander McQueen - you are very missed but your work and vision are here to stay.

2. Carine Roitfeld and Aliona Doletskaya resign from French and Russian Vogues

Rumour had it that one of these two was due to succeed Anna Wintour as Editor-in-Chief of American Vogue. Looks like that won't be happening as both have resigned in 2010. I sense Anna Wintour is not taking up full time gardening anytime soon...In any case, departure of Aliona and Carine is the end of an era for Russian and French mags.

3. Return of Tom Ford
First he directs a movie I adored, then, after years of silence, Mr. Ford launches his first women RTW collection. Mr Ford is not only back, but also dictating his rules to the industry, by refusing to participate in fashion week and publicize collection photos. Pictures of his September collection just got released in January mag editions (I saw them in both French and US Vogues). Very rebelious and very Ford! Looking forward to seeing his second movie and more fashion for women! This world was missing Tom Ford's clean cut elegance and modern day glamour.

4. Age of Oppulence
Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer collections from Paris to Milan were filled with Byzantian oppulence, oversized faux fur coats and just full on decandence. We may be in tough economic times, but designers refused to mute down their collections. This trend was not without lowlights, such as Chanel's Big Foot Fall RTW collection and obsenely overpriced Victoria Beckham's handbag line. On the bright side, with Gold being everywhere, even I ditched my beloved silver and white gold jewelry for OTT fashion bling ;).

5. Epotage is King
First Lady Gaga, then Nicki Minaj and now Willow Smith. What do these three have in common? OTT Style. Nowadays, raw talent is not enough. You got to dress it up in bright colors, feathers and pleather. In 2010 POP and R&B Celebrities making headlines were sticking to the above formula.

6. Mass Luxury
Although designer collaborations with High Street labels started years back, in 2010 these collaborations got to a whole new level, with H&M at the head of the pack for bagging a deal with Lanvin. If Mr Elbaz sees value in going to mass market...I wouldn't be at all surprised if Chanel decides to collaborate with H&M in 2011...Chanel 2.55 going for £39.99 anyone? )P. I predict in-store stampede.


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