Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lady Gaga is the most powerful celebrity according to Forbes

So Miss Gaga is officially the most powerful celebrity in the world according to Forbes. This status is based on earnings, mentions in media and popularity on the Internet. I thought powerful celebrities are meant to inspire us. Other than jamming to Gaga in the club and occasionally doing the "Bad Romance" RARARARARA dance routine with my gfs, I'm not all that inspired. Thankfully, my psyche is somewhat stable at this point in my life and I can appreciate Gaga for what she is: monster epotage based marketing machine, which propelled her to success. Hoping this celebrity is having a positive impact on all the teen girls and boys around the world. Then again, Justin Bieber is number 3, and I am inspired by his success baby baby oh!
what a fickle world we live in....


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