Monday, May 9, 2011

World's greatest brands according to me :)

Today's news of Apple becoming the world's most valuable consumer brand got me thinking: which brands/institutions do I love? Which ones became a big part of my life I couldn't live without (well I could but wouldn't want to). So here's my initial list, I'm sure I'll add to it as I go:

Marks & Spencer - for giving me free bottle of water with their delicious salads!

Louis Vuitton - for the best customer service among all the luxury goods stores I've ever been to.

Air France - for serving edible food in Economy.

Zara - for being my never-fail destination for all the fashion fixes!

Apple - for making iPod and iPhone - it created a need I didn't know I had!

Marie Claire - for being a mag I will read from cover to cover as opposed to flicking through, with articles actually stimulating some parts of my brain.

Chanel - for all the timeless classics Coco brought to this world! - for being my biggest guilty pleasure! 5 pm GMT is when I log in to check the latest flash sales...It's sad - I know.

Mawi - for designing the most exquisite costume jewelry. You can never have too many Mawi pieces!

Facebook - for helping me stay in touch with all my nomadic friends around the world and giving me the courage to start my blog :)

subconsciously the above follow Maslov's hierarchy of needs: as in food comes first! Fashion second!

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