Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Hottest Fashion Jewelry Labels of 2011

I think my love for costume jewelry is pretty obvious at this stage. Nothing beats the excitement (well few things) of discovering a hot new label. I've already covered my all time favourite fashion jewelry labels: Mawi and Erickson Beamon continue to be on the top of the list. Below I listed some of my hot new finds:
1. Anton Heunis
2. Merle O'Grady
3. CC Skye
4. Merle O'Grady
1. Alice Menter
2. Alice Menter
3. Henriette Lofstrom
4. Eddie Borgo
1. Katherine Alexander
2. Fallon
3. Moxham
4. CC Skye

Alice Menter's exquisite neck pieces and bracelets are definitely my best discovery! On the High Street nothing beats Cos' and Topshop's fashion bling. I wasn't mad about Kurt Geiger's new costume jewelry line launched in 2011. And Butler and Wilson continue creating gorgeous and inexpensive pieces.

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