Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oddity of the Week: another A-List Actor ad campaign fiasco

Earlier this evening I was writing a college reflection paper on the meaning of beauty in beauty product advertising. Remember Dove Campaign for Real Beauty - well - apparently back in the day some smart marketeers expressed concerns over Dove - being a beauty product -  moving away from aspirational factor by placing real women in their ads. Nonsense! I for once, was delighted to see real women in TV and Magazine ads. BTW, Dove latest global survey of women, showed that only 4% of respondents consider themselves beautiful...that's pretty twisted.

Fast forward 5 years and we are still inundated with photoshopped images of ultra slim models, and yet  male ads are full of not so pleasant images. Is it double standard or are marketeers trying to evoke some sort of reaction? Take this Prada Campaign for Menswear Autumn/Winter: Mr Dafoe is seriously creepy. If I saw him approach me on the street in that white collar patterned suit, i'd run....
I get the theatrics of it all...but finding it difficult to appreciate Prada's latest menswear collection. It's either late night MBA papers are getting to me or I'm becoming a total bore...Either way, Dafoe is creepy. 

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