Saturday, October 20, 2012

Oddity of the Week: Brad Pitt for Chanel N5

the above ad sparked quite a debate during work lunch yesterday. My male colleagues, who don't give two hoots about Chanel, were infuriated by Brad Pitt's cheesy performance and choice of product endoresement.  As I haven't seen the ad, I initially defended Brad: it's not the first time A-list hollywood actor endorses a luxury brand. Think Sean Connery for Loius Vuitton or Daniel Craig for Omega (For me, Clooney and his Nespresso pods blow the rest out of the water any day!).  The topic was later brought up in the evening twice by completely different groups of people... So this morning, as I check out emaciated and lackluster Brad, I admit, the whole thing is dull and cringeworthy... I am, however,  fascinated with the reaction of male audience and their perception of luxury good advertising. You want your Perfume to sell Karl - get James Bond spray Chanel all over himself, jump on a bike and chase some villains, add a gorgeous bombshell or two at the end and you got a best seller. As for Brad Pitt, he is be better off saving his wise man speech for a charity ad of some sort. 

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