Sunday, February 24, 2013

my two cents on Google Glass

There has been so much hype about Google Glass lately in both tech and fashion world. I'm not a fan and certainly don't intend on purchasing them anytime soon. I get that companies like Google, which is sitting on tons of cash generated by their search engine, have the resources to envision the future (as they should). I also get that some of the most innovative and life-changing inventions take awhile before mass adoption. And yet I'm still skeptical about wearable tech, especially Google Glass. I already feel like I'm spending too much time online. I start my day by checking my emails and news on iPhone, spend the whole day on my laptop, and surf the web on my iPad in the evenings. Parts of my day I enjoy the most is when I'm disconnected from the web- ie - talk to friends, coworkers, and read my books. So if I was to wear Google glasses, I bet you my life would turn into some sort of virtual reality....with not a single tech-free moment. These accessories are certainly not going to help attention span of most adults  and teens I know.

call me old-fashioned...but I'll sticking to my Non-Wearable tech accessories and devices.

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